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The Council of State suspends the decree of France prohibiting the sale of CBD flowers ! đŸ’Ș

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“To attempt, to brave, to persist, to persevere, to be faithful to oneself, to take destiny hand to hand, to astonish catastrophe by the little fear it causes us, sometimes to confront unjust power, sometimes to insult drunken victory , stand firm, stand firm; here is the example which the people need, and the light which electrifies them. »

These few lines of Les Misérables by Victor Hugo as a guide to the beginnings perfectly sum up our state of mind. This is a first victory in the legal battle between us and the state.

Seized by traders in the sector, the judge in chambers of the Council of State temporarily suspended the ban on the marketing of CBD flowers in their raw state.

“The Council of State suspends the decree pending the substantive decision, this is what was asked of it with the emergency procedures. The substantive decision will therefore be made on the basis of a new hearing. sums up Charles MOREL, the lawyer for the UPCBD.

In the meantime, a whole sector is breathing again, nearly 2,000 shops which were suspended from the decision of the Council of State after the disappointing decision of the Constitutional Council.

It now remains to continue, as we have done so far, to see the deputies, the elected officials in the field and to raise the awareness of the decision-makers of our country as much as possible. We are going to need ever more numerous allies and all sensitivities.

We just won a battle, but not the war yet!!!

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